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Pioneering Wellness, Personalized for You

We are, Danijela Schenker, board certified ICU nurse operating a private medical aesthetic practice since 2013 and Dr. Katrin Dreissigacker, board certified plastic and aesthetic surgeon, running her own private practice since 2005. We have known each other since 2010 and realized we share the same passion for aesthetics and biohacking as well as health and wellbeing, always in the best interest of our patients. For the past 13 years, we have been collaborating together, sharing similar ethical standards of safety and the individual first.

Living a balanced life of health and beauty is our credo and finding an individualized balance for a healthier life is what we’re implementing with our clients. We advise our patients holistically on different levels, relying on the principles of nature. Our own aging process enables us to see the necessity of being pioneers in biohacking and to select tested and approved devices to implement them in your life while respecting our bodies and stimulating our own regenerative processes through our products.

Our work ethic is concentrated on achieving natural effects in harmony with the body and soul. This idea is something we both support in our personal beliefs and work ethic. Always striving for gentler, safer and more effective methods of maintaining beauty, health and longevity.To fulfil our promise to you, we stay up to date by following the latest scientific papers, congresses and networks in biohacking and longevity. Individualized Biohacking is the future of biological medicine.

Katrin Dreissigacker


Katrin Dreissigacker studied medicine and was trained as a specialist doctor in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Since 2005, she runs her private clinic with the unique focus on non -operative procedures and became a biohacker and health visionary. She has  been influential worldwide on the practice of using a blunt cannulae (pix’L needles). Dreissigacker’s knowledge has been repeatedly published in specialist medical journals  and a book chapter. And she has been a celebrated speaker, sharing her findings in lectures, live demonstrations, and hands-on training courses since 2004 worldwide.


Danijela Schenker


Danijela Schenker a former ICU nurse for twenty years and nursing instructor. Since 2013 she runs her private clinic specialized in skin rejuvenation and became a beauty biohacker and health visionary, ten years ago. Trainer for physicians and nurses for micro-needling, mother of four boys and a lovely labradoodle. Optimizing beauty, health and well being is her passion.